Mary Lou Hess Intaglios
Mary Lou Hess Intaglios
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2524 Glenwood Park
New Albany, IN 47150



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Mary Lou Hess New Albany IndianaI always see space, shapes, and textures in nature. Landscape is an excuse for making an etching. To conceive an idea by seeing a commonplace thing, and make it my own by building or designing a picture is my goal.

I am intrigued by the challenge of controlling the variables and excited by expecting the unexpected from the acid. I use nitric acid on zinc plate. My press is a Laszlo Universal Hand Press. It pleases me if one of my etchings, not looking like anything but an etching, lives through its own inherent qualities and has a spirit all its own.

I use nitric acid on zinc plate to make my etchings this includes dry point, open bite, softground and aquatint techniques to achieve the desired effects. I do all my own printing on a Laszlo Universal Handpress with a 16 in. roller and a 30 in. press bed. I use Rives etching paper all my printing is done by me in my studio which is located in my home. My editions are small, 20 to 30 prints in each edition. My color prints usually go through the press three times one run for red, one run for yellow and one run for blue. My etchings are small ... the largest is 9 X 12 inches.

I studied with Virginia Fritzmartin Bruner of Pratt Institute and Susan Moffett of Indiana U.

My work has been widely exhibited in East Lansing, Cincinnati, Chicago, Milwaukee, Richmond, VA, State College PA .... also the Indianapolis Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin National Small Print Exhibition, the Portland Museum in Louisville as well as the Carnegie Center for Art and History in New Albany, IN. I have won regional and national recognition, including awards from Purdue University, the Ohio Valley Annual, the Northern Illinois Art Fest and the Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers Society of Washington , D.C ... and numerous art fairs.